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Your pet is a part of your family. When it comes to caring for your pet, you do everything you can for their well-being, and you want to know that they are in good hands when you cannot be with them. Whether you are traveling and need a place for your pet to stay, or would like to keep your dog active while you are at work, or perhaps you would like dog obedience training or behavioral counseling for your dog, you can count on Blue Ribbon Pet Care Services to be there for your pet!

Katy & Chester

July 18, 2014

As a pet care provider and dog walker for Blue Ribbon Pet Care, I enjoy visiting dogs and cats in the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati when their owners can’t be there for them. I’ve made four-legged friends everywhere from New Richmond to Mount Carmel to Hyde Park!

One of our newer clients is a professional couple who travels and relies on the Blue Ribbon team of pet sitters to care for their two sweet kitties, “brother and sister”, Katy and Chester.

Chester is a handsome black and white twelve year old cat and is very shy; at least he was at the start! Having earned his trust (essential when caring for shy cats), he now rolls over willingly for belly rubs!

He also loves his string toys, playing fetch with a tennis ball and grabbing a stick when we tease him with it “peaking out” from under a rug. Each of these games helped to ease him out of hiding.

His owners request we toss some bird seed on the patio to add an extra measure of entertainment to his day! We love doing extra little things (for pet owners and pets) as we customize our visits to serve individual client needs.

Katy is a beautiful tri-color thirteen year old cat; completely outgoing and unbelievably affectionate. She greets us at the door and immediately rolls over for rubs and tickles! I am careful to not let her steal all of my attention so Chester isn’t left out! Her favorite game is chasing the laser light.

Katy eats canned food while Chester must have a special renal formula dry food. Our most important duty is making certain they eat their respective foods only. Katy likes to sneak and go toward Chester’s food, so, on occasion, we must be on the lookout to intercept his food dish!

Caring for Katy and Chester is a very rewarding experience!

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