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Administering Oral Medications to Cats

August 15, 2014

Blue Ribbon Pet Care of Cincinnati takes pride in caring for pets. Our pet sitters provide exercise, feedings, fresh water, treats, play time and lots of T.L.C. when owners can’t be there for them. Often we are asked to administer needed medications as well.

In general, dogs aren’t as challenging as cats. Therefore, this article will focus on good tips for giving oral medications to cats. The information is general and not a substitute for instructions provided by your Veterinarian.

If the needed pill can be given with food, you can try rolling it inside a small ball of food or cheese. You can test it first by seeing if your cat swallows it whole without a pill inside. Cats chew their food more than dogs, hence the reason they often spit out pills. If they chew the food ball, this will warn you they likely will experience the bitter taste of the pill and remember it on your next attempt.

Happily, there are other ways to administer oral medications. Always use caution; a cat’s mouth contains bacteria and bites can go deep. If bitten, clean the wound thoroughly and seek medical attention.

Regardless of the form of medication (pill or capsule), you can hold the cat’s head from the top with you left hand (if you are right handed) and utilize the cheekbones as a handle. Tilt the head back and he or she will usually open their lower jaw. Hold the pill between your thumb and index fingers holding open the jaw (on the small teeth) with one of your other fingers. Drop the pill down as far as you can, then close the mouth until they swallow. Blowing on their nose encourages swallowing as does stroking their neck.

A pill pushing device eliminates the need to place your fingers inside the cat’s mouth. Insert the pill at the end of the device and hold the cat’s head in the manner described above. Insert the device over the base of the tongue and push the plunger with your thumb or index finger to release the pill.

Liquids can accidentally enter the windpipe; therefore do not tilt the head backward. Instead, squirt the medication into the space between the teeth and the cheek. Encourage swallowing as described above.

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