Blog Entries - July 2013

Dangerous Diseases in Dogs

Posted on: July 25, 2013
Tags: Pet health
DANGEROUS DISEASES IN DOGS   Lyme Disease Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection caused by ticks.  The ticks generally live in grassy areas and tall brush which you would more likely find in rural areas, but they can also be found in the suburbs read more …

People Foods Dogs Should Never Eat

Posted on: July 19, 2013
Tags: Pet health
Many of us want to give our dogs everything. We love them so much we want to share the world with them.  I know I'm guilty of that!  But what about when it comes to table food?  A small "reward" here or there can't hurt…or can it?In read more …

Tex & Eve...Best Friends!!

Posted on: July 12, 2013
Tags: Dog walking, Pet stories
TEX & EVE...Best Friends!!!   Tex and Eve…an unlikely pair given their difference in size, but they are best friends!  They are clients of Blue Ribbon Pet Care and are walked five days a week by our loving pet walkers.  They also read more …

Annual Blue Ribbon Summer Party

Posted on: July 4, 2013
Tags: Pet stories
On Saturday June 22 the entire team of Blue Ribbonpet sitters converged upon Gayle's house for our annual summer cookout and poolparty!  A great deal of planning by Gayle (owner of A Blue Ribbon Pet Care -Cincinnati) went into the party with a lot of read more …