Blog Entries - August 2013

The Beauty of Ernie

Posted on: August 30, 2013
Tags: Pet stories, Dog walking
One of my first assignments as a pet-care provider for Blue Ribbon Pet Care – Cincinnati was walking a (then) 8-year-old male Bichon Frise named Ernie.  Ernie’s client profile jokingly said he had “bad hair”, so I wasn’t read more …


Posted on: August 23, 2013
Tags: Pet stories
CATS Domesticated cats, meaning those kept as pets, can be considered “man’s best friend”, just like dogs are.  They make great companions and can help to chase away household pests.   They are much easier to take care of read more …

What Personality Type is YOUR dog?

Posted on: August 16, 2013
Tags: Dog training, Pet stories
As a dog walker for Blue Ribbon Pet Care, Cincinnati, I am privileged to care for a variety of dog breeds.  It seems there are as many different dog personalities to go with them!  LOL Some experts say there are six main dog personality read more …

I Wasn't Always a Dog Lover...

Posted on: August 9, 2013
Tags: Pet sitter profiles, Pet stories
I WASN’T ALWAYS A DOG LOVER…   Don’t get the wrong idea…I love dogs now!!  However, about 15 years ago, I didn’t like dogs very much.  All of myneighbors had dogs, and if they licked me, well…it really read more …

Cat-person or Dog-person?

Posted on: August 2, 2013
Tags: Pet stories
There are those who say they are “dog people” and some “cat people”.  Ifyou consider yourself a "dog person" exclusively, the more you knowabout cats, the more you might appreciate them!Did you know cats were first domesticated read more …