Raising the Perfect Kitty!

Posted on: August 7, 2015
Tags: Pet health



If you are thinking about getting kitten, or two, there are a few things you need to know in order to properly prepare for his/her arrival!!


The following items are very important to have on hand before you bring a kitten home:


*Litter box

*Cat carrier

*Cat food

*Food and water bowls

*Collar and tags



Most kittens/cats are kept indoors.  Indoor only cats usually live healthier and longer lives.  If you plan to let your cat go outdoors, do not have it declawed.  It will not be able to defend itself when outdoors.  If you do plan to have your cat declawed, it must be done before six months of age.


When selecting food for your kitten, be sure to get food especially for kittens.  They need up to 3 times the calories as adult cats.  It’s best to talk to your Vet about whether to use dry kibble or canned food.


Obviously water is very important for kittens.  Keep several water bowls throughout your house and keep them filled with clean, cool water. 


One litter box is ok, but many prefer to have two in different parts of the house.  Kittens will gravitate to the litter box because they instinctively know to eliminate in soil or sand.  Be sure to put the litter box in a quiet area.


Cats sleep as much as 16 hours per day, kittens even more.  They prefer a window perch, a fuzzy pad or their very own cat bed.


Gentle play with your kitten will teach him to be a good pet!!  It also helps to keep him fit and develop coordination.  Your kitten will need toys to bite on so he doesn’t use your furniture as a play toy.  String and ribbon are kitten favorites, as well as laser lights.  Kittens and cats love to scratch so it’s best to get a scratching post so he doesn’t scratch up your walls and wooden furniture!


At Blue Ribbon Pet Care of Cincinnati, many clients go out of town for vacations and leave the care of their cats to our loving pet sitters.  The pet sitters will feed your cat, give medication if needed, clean the litter box and play with them…and of course give them lots of TLC!!!