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Dog Camp

Dog Camp

Dog camp is where your dog lives with one of us in our home.  They enjoy helping us clean and cook just like they do at home.  They lounge around on the furniture and watch TV etc. as entertainment.  In the summer time, some dogs at some camps may even go swimming.

The current nightly rate is charged for each night the dog sleeps over.  Please contact us for more information.

No. We have a set fee that is charged per night that they sleep over at camp. The only additional charge is a standard nominal increase per night for very large and/or shedding dogs?

We offer a substantial Sibling Discount.  The second dog is charged a maximum of 1/2 price of the 1st dog.

We accept Cash and Checks.

All potential camp clients are invited for a Test Run at camp.  The owner(s) bring the dog(s) and we all hang out together while everyone gets acquainted with each other and the environment.  The dog(s) become comfortable with the home so they are excited when you pull in to drop them off the first time.  This also gives the owner(s) and Camp Director time to discuss their specific dog behaviors and design the Camp Plan for your dog(s).

Please bring your dog food along with any medications and special treats they like.  We do not want to change their diet during vacation.

The numbers vary - obviously as demand varies.  There is no specific quantity.  We are more interested in having an environment that the dogs will be safe in AND have a great time.  We look at the mix and all the different factors such as how many of them know each other, how well we know them, how many of them are siblings, how long the overlaps are, etc.  We have an excellent record for coordinating a great time for the dogs in our care.

Each dog is evaluated on a couple of different levels including but not limited to the following...

-  We want to make sure they are mindful of people (in order to keep them safe)

-  We check to ensure they are dog friendly or at least dog neutral

-  The Owner fills out extra paperwork to ensure we know as much as possible about their dog so that we can keep them safe and happy

We work closely with both the Obedience and Behavior Dog Trainers should there be any issues.

The Drop Off and Pick Up times are by appointment only.  We work very closely with our clients to try to accommodate their schedule for their convenience.  We can provide both services on Sundays and Holidays as well.

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