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Doggy Camp


Doggy Camp

An alternative to traditional boarding, Blue Ribbon Pet Care doggy day camp is just what you’re looking for!  While you are out of town or away, your dog stays in the home of one of our sitters at doggy day care.  Feel at ease leaving your pet in the hands of a trained professional, where they will be made to feel right at home. Rather than being boarded in a kennel, your pet has the opportunity to have a routine similar to yours, where they stay in the house, have play time outside, and get to socialize with other dogs.

The benefits of doggy camp are many! Not only do your dogs receive one-on-one attention, but we make every effort to keep a routine, which is important for pets. In addition, your pet socializes with other dogs in a safe, controlled environment.


Blue Ribbon Pet Care offers all encompassing services for pets. Our unique approach to customizing a plan for your pet(s) is what sets us apart from other pet care companies. We have your pet’s needs and special circumstances in mind!

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