Blue Ribbon Pet Care, LLC

General Information

General Information

Potential Clients need more time before we start providing service.  We must go through the Interview Process and get everything laid out and agreed upon by both parties before we can start your service.  It often takes a week or two for us to find a time that is convenient for the potential client. 

Once you are a client in good standing - we ask that you give us as much notice as you have.  We work with all sorts of business travelers, pilots, family medical situations etc.

We provide "in your home visits" to care for your pet(s) and your home while you are out of town.

We provide visits for your pet(s) (usually dogs) while you are at work.  We give them a potty break and exercise them as required.

Our dog camps ("in our home pet care service") are located on the east side of Cincinnati.

I ask that our clients pay at the conclusion of our services.  We always want them to be happy with our services before they pay for them.

We accept Cash and Checks.

Yes, all of our Pet Care Specialists are Insured and Bonded.

We provide "in your home pet care service" mostly on the eastern side of the Greater Cincinnati Area.

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