Blue Ribbon Pet Care, LLC

Home Visits

Home Visits

We provide "in your home visits" to care for your pet(s) and your home while you are out of town.

We provide visits for your pet(s) (usually dogs) while you are at work.  We give them a potty break and exercise them as required.

We do not charge for the initial interview.  We come to your home and go through all the details of our service and make sure it is something you are interested in.    If both parties are happy, we go forward and gather information about your pet(s) and your home.

The cost is determined by the timing, location,  and the quantity and type of pets to be cared for.  Every effort is made to set a fair price for the task and liability associated with the assignment.

We customize all of our care to meet the needs of the pets and their owners.  Every pet and household is different and has different needs.  We do not have a cookie cutter approach but rather a very flexible structure for our visits.

All of our Pet Care Specialists (PCS) are adults and do this because they love pets.  The PCS stays at your home for around 30 minutes.  Most of the time it goes well over that and on some occasions it may be a bit shorter.  It really is dependent on things such as your pet, the pet's needs and the weather where applicable.

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