Blue Ribbon Pet Care, LLC

Our Mission

Our Mission

To offer and provide a quality customized service that meets or exceeds the individual needs of our clients and their guardians. 

We will achieve our organizational mission by:

  • Designing the care plan for each pet
  • Listening to and addressing the needs of our clients and their guardians
  • Responding (written and oral) in a prompt, professional,educated and courteous manner at all times
  • Rewarding those customers who contribute to the success of our organization
  • Never offering a promotion or discount to one customer that we are not able and willing to offer to all current customers
  • Deploying only Sitters who will maintain our high standards
  • Providing all clients with a Primary and Secondary Sitter
  • Communicating within our organization in a consistent, timely and accurate manner
  • By doing the right thing even when it is not popular

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